Privacy Policy

Access to this internet service means that the following data will be recorded in a log file:

  • anonymized IP address (the address is anonymized by cutting off half of the IP address)
  • date and time of access
  • requested page or name of the requested file
  • report if the access to the page or the file call up was successful
  • amount of transferred data
  • web browser and operating system used

The log file will be automatically erased after 30 days.

The above mentioned data will only be used for statistical purposes and for securing proper operation. Personal utilization profiles will not be generated. Data will not be circulated. This internet offer does not use technology intended to create access profiles of individual users.

If single pages are requested, so-called temporary cookies are used. These session cookies do not contain personal data and will be automatically erased after your web browser has been closed.

For the acquisition of statistical data on the use of this internet service the web analysis service Piwik is applied which saves a recognition cookie for seven days. In the transmission of statistical data no personal data will be recorded.

Nevertheless, you have the possibility to object to the acquisition of your – already anonymized – utilization data. For this purpose, please follow the link to activate or deactivate the Piwik web analysis service.

You will hereby save or erase a Piwik deactivating cookie. Please keep in mind that the Piwik deactivating cookie will also be erased if you purge the cookies stored in your browser. Besides, you will have to go through the deactivating procedure again if you use another computer or another web browser.

In certain cases (e.g. to order information material) it is necessary to reveal personal data like your name, address, or times when you can be reached in order to be able to use the service. If this is carried out, the type, extent, and purpose of the processing will be presented in the corresponding context. By giving the requested data you consent to the processing of the data. You can retract your consent any time with effect for the future.

These details are only valid for this internet service. If cross references (links) refer to contents of other providers, their use of data may be based on principles differing from the above mentioned. Such cross references are marked by the indication.